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A New Direction


I just posted about my surprise pregnancy over at Momma Needs Coffee. We’re excited and nervous. But, I think it means a change in my priorities for a time. Writing fiction will probably take a backseat for awhile, so I think I will be writing mostly about what I am doing to save money, eliminate […]

One of the most important aspects of fitting in where you work is how well you fit into the culture. It’s something I’ve learned recently. Until I took my current job, I’d never had this issue. I’ve always fit in reasonably well wherever I worked. Until now. I know that in the last few years, […]

Things have been so up and down for me the last year. I’m unhappy with many aspects of my life. Things I want to improve, seem to get worse, and lately, I’ve just felt like I’ve reached the low point. But I want things to get better, so I’ve been thinking about the ways I […]



About this time of year, I always try to come up with some blogging schedule. What posts are going to be on what days or days I will post. Then real life happens to me and I blow that schedule all to hell. So I’m trying to figure out a way to set up a […]

Dreams keep some unhappy folk alive. At least, it seems that way to me. I’ve always stated that posting things on the web is akin to shouting your business on the street corner for all to hear. However, now I feel like sharing some things that I’ve been keeping close for many moons. Who knew […]



see more puppies I’ve very much been in a funk lately. The whole story is another post, which I have partially written up and plan to get out there soon. Things just suck right now. There are good things about each and every day, but in most aspects of my life, I’m very unhappy. My […]

Quiet Chaos


Things have been quiet around my blog. Mosty because I’ve not been here blogging. I’ve been chasing a toddler around the house, dealing with two-year-old emotions, and trying to get home at a decent enough hour to spend time with my family. Writing’s also had to resume the back burner position. It’s a shame, but […]