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Weekend Fun


We’ve had a pretty decent weekend, I think. Last night, we attended a surprise party for my husband’s grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary. The girls have been pretty good, but a little bit of trouble. I’ve had to get onto the big sister I don’t even know how many times and we’ve only been up and […]



It’s not even the middle of the week and I already feel worn out. It’s the busy time of the month at work and while I’m not really working late, the days are jammed full of busy activities. I have a ton of chores to do. The kitchen particularly needs my help. I need to […]

I wrote about my birth experience with my younger daughter, Cadence Laurelei. You can read about it over at Momma Needs Coffee.

Personal Notes


I’m really wanting to blog, but this week has been a little off for everyone. We’ve all felt tired with headaches and more. The ragweed and the mold are sky-high, so I suspect that may be the cause.  Lots of little things going on around here. On a happy note, I paid the final payment on one […]

Just thought I’d let everyone know that in addition to this blog, I’ve created a new blog,, just for parenting topics. An introduction post is up over there. Guest posts are welcome. Just let me know you are interested.



I’m skipping this week’s article, which was going to be about resolutions because I’m just too exhausted. This week at work was insane, and I’m too beat. I am happy to report that my husband went and got my treadmill so that I can walk at home, which should help my fitness goals for the […]

Do you ever just feel like you are invisible? Like you put yourself out there, and people just keep on going right around you, ignoring the fact that you might take up any space? I’ve been feeling that way lately. In fact, I’ve been feeling down right miserable. Everything feels off, and it seems the […]