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Dreams keep some unhappy folk alive. At least, it seems that way to me. I’ve always stated that posting things on the web is akin to shouting your business on the street corner for all to hear. However, now I feel like sharing some things that I’ve been keeping close for many moons. Who knew […]

I’ve just fallen off the radar. Things have been hyper-nutty around here. Can I just mention that 2008 has not been my year? I wanted to work toward so many goals and none of that has happened. In fact, things have been on a backslide. Finally, a point where I can stop and evaluate seems to […]

It seems I have issues. Anyone who knows me knows that, though, so it’s old news. But I once again had to prove to myself that I was right. It seems that if I know I am right, I’ll make sure that I can prove. My mind is a huge repository of useful(less) information information. […]



I was sifting through some of my Askimet spam stuff and I found this comment (really a trackback) in which some user links to my post, copies all of the contents, and gives me some attribution that is not me. I don’t know who ttcshelbyville is, but it’s not be. My moniker on the web is tjwriter in almost all […]