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I’ve very much been in a funk lately. The whole story is another post, which I have partially written up and plan to get out there soon.

Things just suck right now. There are good things about each and every day, but in most aspects of my life, I’m very unhappy. My relationship with my family is not that great. I miss getting to spend time with my husband and my daughter, and there never seems to be enough time in my evenings. I’m thoroughly unhappy at work, wanting to bang my head on any hard surface nearby.

Part of it lies in the fact that I want to write, but I sit down and draw a blank. Seriously. I jot notes down all day of things I’d like to talk about, email myself links to interesting articles to discuss, and sit down with a computer in my lap and draw a total blank. At the time I think that it has to do with being so exhausted at the end of the day, but the more it happens, the more I think that perhaps it’s to do with my pregnancy. I don’t think I wrote much during my first, either. Maybe it’s something in the hormones, but I’m keeping all my notes and emails, so that I can address topics that are still relevant when I do feel like writing.

Perhaps the biggest thing is just doing it. I updated Momma Needs Coffee with a brief post and I’m writing here, which makes me feel more like writing. Perhaps I can tackle some of those other ideas I’ve had and put something out there today. I’m in lounging mode because I woke up feeling sort of crampy and it’s best to stay off my feet. Laundry can get done because it’s a get up for five minutes, sit for forty-five activity. That I can handle.


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