Personal Notes


I’m really wanting to blog, but this week has been a little off for everyone. We’ve all felt tired with headaches and more. The ragweed and the mold are sky-high, so I suspect that may be the cause.  Lots of little things going on around here.

On a happy note, I paid the final payment on one of my credit cards. I’ve been working get rid of my debt, and now I have one less bill to pay on. I’ve redone the budget to reallocate those funds towards another bill. I can’t wait to get rid of more.

In less happy news, I went to bed angry with my husband and woke up that way. If anyone wants one, I’ve got one for sale.

In doing some thinking, I can’t see it would be so difficult for me to post to both blogs a couple of times a week. Coffee time on the weekend seems like a good time to write some posts and then set them to show later in the week. I have a list of post ideas a mile long. I jot them down at work and toss them into my planner. That’s what I want to work on next.  Really good ideas shouldn’t go to waste.

Most of the pregnancy talk occurs at Momma Needs Coffee, but I’ve started nesting already. Last weekend I wore myself out cleaning sections of the house. I pick two areas to focus on during the weekend and get the majority of those rooms done. This weekend the rooms of choice are the Master Bathroom and little bit of reamaing stuff in the kitchen and the master bedroom. I also need to dig out all the baby stuff and start organizing it. And organize a yard sale for the clutter I want to be rid of. And…well, I could keep going, but the point is that I am excited about cleaning, which is odd.

I’ve not been working on my novel, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I figure I shall be doing that soon. Researching some nonfiction type writing and working on the nerve to hit send for that has been on my list as well.

Enough of the personal junk, I hope to be back with some interesting articles and ideas.


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