When I Know I’m Right, I’ll Prove It


It seems I have issues. Anyone who knows me knows that, though, so it’s old news. But I once again had to prove to myself that I was right. It seems that if I know I am right, I’ll make sure that I can prove. My mind is a huge repository of useful(less) information information.

Yesterday, I was at a family reunion for my grandmother’s side of the family (More on that will appear at Momma Needs Coffee.) My uncle and I were discussing computer stuff, and I was talking about my DSL. In the litte area I live in, SBC DSL was the first, and I think is still the only high speed Internet option here. I made a comment about how customer service seemed to go downhill when SBC bought AT&T, and took the AT&T name, even though SBC was doing the buying. My uncle tries to tell that it was the other way around, and that I am wrong. No, no. I know these things and I am right, but I let it drop. So, this morning I emailed my dad with a link to an article proving I was right. I can’t help myself.

Do you have any similar issues? Do you have an OCD complex with being right, and you can’t stand for people to spread false information, including going to extreme lengths to make sure people are getting the right information?


6 Responses to “When I Know I’m Right, I’ll Prove It”

  1. 1 carrieinpa

    HA!!!!!!! I *just* had an “I’M RIGHT” moment last week. Our treasurer gave me a check that was $20 short. He *insisted* that I gave him the wrong amount. The second I got home I checked my email and dammit, I WAS RIGHT. I did, however, resist the urge to forward it to him with a commentary on what an idiot he is. 😀

  2. Which would be why I sent it to my dad and not my uncle. The urge was too great, but I did not want to cause fuss. Even if this particular uncle drives me to distraction.

  3. Ah, yes, I have that. I try to squelch it these days, but am not terribly successful.

  4. AT&T bought SBC. Your uncle was right.

  5. Gah! Ed…your…making…me…do…it…again. The reason I know these things is that New Harmony only has one telephone provider, SBC. They are also responsible for the only high speed internet available. When SBC bought ATT and adopted the ATT name because it was more widely known, we received all sorts of emails and flyers.

    But, alas, should no one believe my elephant memory about these types of things, I prsent to you:




    Or you can just type SBC buys ATT into Google.

    At least I feel better now…

  6. So the news got it wrong. Big deal. Happens all the time.

    Our service went UP when ATT bought SBC. We always had awful service with SBC.


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