Quiet Chaos


Things have been quiet around my blog. Mosty because I’ve not been here blogging. I’ve been chasing a toddler around the house, dealing with two-year-old emotions, and trying to get home at a decent enough hour to spend time with my family.

Writing’s also had to resume the back burner position. It’s a shame, but I’ll figure out some way to work with it. It’s hard barely being able to have a thought to myself. So, I read other blogs, think about writing, and trying to keep the household from shambles. Not that much is interesting to blog about. Sorry to be so boring.


4 Responses to “Quiet Chaos”

  1. 1 Mysti

    I found myself in the same boat as you recently. I’m still hardly blogging, but squeezing in time to edit submissions and get contracts out. Aside from that, focusing on my *real* job five days a week is a bit more than a challenge… it stinks! I would much rather spend my time elsewhere, but as you said, a house in shambles doesn’t work well…

  2. 2 carrieinpa

    It happens. You’ll get no guilt trip from me. 😉 I’m off tomorrow and I won’t spend a single minute writing. I’ve just got too much other stuff to do. It’s just not a priority for me right now. It will be again later. I’ve learned to become okay with ever-changing priorities and demands on my time. That’s big, because it eliminates a lot of guilt about what I *should* be doing.

  3. 3 tjwriter

    I still feel guilty because there are so many things I should be doing. Right now first trimester exhaustion is starting to knock me over. I’m going to be a walking zombie for another six weeks.

  4. I have two more weeks to go and I’m begging for them to come tomorrow. I’ve been a walking zombie too. Thankfully the first trimester ends quickly… though seems like forever.

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