I was sifting through some of my Askimet spam stuff and I found this comment (really a trackback) in which some user links to my post, copies all of the contents, and gives me some attribution that is not me. I don’t know who ttcshelbyville is, but it’s not be. My moniker on the web is tjwriter in almost all places, and I’ve never lived in a place called shelbyville.

The website seems to consist solely of “excerpts” from other blogs. To comment you must register, so I might set up an email address just for this and leave a message for the site. This sucks. 



4 Responses to “Oddness”

  1. It’s happened to lots of people. There are just folks out there who scrape up content from a blog search and then stick it on their site. At least there’s a link back to you, although that’s not a great comfort.

    (Since I write long posts on the whole for Spontaneous Derivation these days, the Read More link has a point, as they only capture part of the post.)

    Worse are the folks who take your feed, republish it, and give you no attribution at all.

  2. It could be worse, but it’s still stupid. There aren’t ads or anything on that site, so I’m not quite sure the point. Other than to make people like me nuts.

  3. I think it’s just an advanced form of posting a buncha links that happens to have a lot of bugs in it. Some people do only that on their blogs, and thus hope that they can rise in the Google search rankings.

    But Google tends to punish them instead, so dunno.

  4. 4 tjwriter

    James over at Men with Pens discussed these Scrapers. I hadn’t heard the term until I was over there reading. It’s an interesting, if not odd, method. As with James, I’d be less inclined to pursue it if the attribution had correctly given my name, but it’s irritating for it not to be.

    I’ll have to decide what I want to do.

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