Hell on Wheels & the Penman Shipwreck


This month has been nothing but a disaster for me. Too the point where I really hope the rest of the year goes better than this month has.

Work has been a mess. There’s been so much happening, and there’s so much to do. Half of our department is out with maternity leave and illness. Those people that are missing are the ones who train me the most. So, as I’ve fondly thought of it, I’ve been thrown into the fire and someone’s squirting lighter fluid all over it. I’ve been in early all week, working my tail off and coming just flat out exhausted.

By the time supper is done, and I’ve taken care of Piper, I’m wiped. I don’t even think I could put together a coherent sentence if I tried. So I’ve not been writing. I haven’t completed a page in my special Penman Shipwreck notebook. There are lots of ideas in my head, but not enough time to get them to the paper.

ย So I look ever forward to when things will settle down at work, and I hope still for one of fun Debacle or Shipwreck events in a month with no major holiday or that does not fall in the first month at the end of the year. I am in accounting after all.


6 Responses to “Hell on Wheels & the Penman Shipwreck”

  1. 1 carrieinpa

    Awwwww, it’ll get better. Sometimes you just have to put writing on the back burner. I know that’s blasphemy to some, but it is what it is. Just think though – all those extra hours will mean extra money and that means you’re getting closer to your laptop!

  2. Agreed—sometimes writing must be put on the back burner. Especially if you have family, and you don’t depend on writing for money support.

    I write a lot ’cause I don’t gots family and I don’t gots a career I cares about anymore… they fell away in importance. (I still do a good job and I care much about it, but dude… I just don’t care about advancing anymore.) You on the other hand have other things in life. ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s cool—and good writing material when you do have time later.

    I’m glad I finally found you after all this time, and am truly sorry to have missed out on your other weekly posts!

  3. Hmm, put my old website in the URL. I’ve moved too.

    (To a self-hosted WordPress site. I likes control, and WordPress.com gives me too little. Blogger actually gave me more… which is sadness… but most people don’t need the extra stuff anyways ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ah, I be a control freak.)

  4. 4 Pete Tzinski

    well, it is true. Writing sometimes DOES have to take a backseat (just look at Carrie; she wussed out. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). But inversely, sometimes it’s the writing that pulls us through. I know that I do better with everything else while writing than I do while not writing. That’s not necessarily true of everyone.

    Still, I know how you feel. Hell, I don’t even have a job, I stay at home full-time and take care of Zach, and it’s more exhausting and mentally taxing than any of the physically-grueling day jobs I’ve worked in the past… ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Kids will do that to you, Pete.

    I’ve found that I do okay if I have ideas that keep coming for where I’m at in the story. In my mind, I fixed a couple of the potholes in the road of this story that I could not make it passed until I resolved those issues. So now the ideas are flowing.

    And as bad as I want that laptop right now, I think that we’re going to pay off some debt and do some remodeling first. We have some stuff to do around here. One of those projects involves putting together an office setting for me, which I anixously await.

    All things will happen in good time, though.

  6. Everyone needs to prioritize, and everyone’s priorities are different – and Priority is a hard word to spell and work with.

    I’ve had a crappy month – and for someone who loves a new year, having a crappy January is really sucking. Just too much unrelated garbage that isn’t going right is piling up around my ankles. But for me (and this doesn’t work for everyone) I have to keep writing. If I can write through the really crappy times, then I know I’ll be able to treat this like a job – if and when it becomes a money maker, that is ๐Ÿ˜€

    Again, that’s not to suggest anyone else could or should feel that way. You have a husband, a kid, a work that’s really stressful – I don’t. And the crap piling up around my ankles probably wouldn’t be considered crap by other people.

    Crap’s an easier word to spell than priorities, though, have you noticed?

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