I’m skipping this week’s article, which was going to be about resolutions because I’m just too exhausted. This week at work was insane, and I’m too beat.

I am happy to report that my husband went and got my treadmill so that I can walk at home, which should help my fitness goals for the year. The Penmanship Wreck has gotten off to a rocky start for me, but I’m hoping to make up ground later.

This whole year has already gotten off to a very bad start, and one of the things I’ve resolved for this year is follow my heart. Which is saying a lot of things are wrong in my life. It may mean major and hard choices, but I want things to be better in the long run. My family needs me, and I’ve not been able to be there for them. That needs to change.

Plus I want to follow my dreams. If you only get one life to live, how can you not take a chance on a dream? All successes come with some level of risk.

 So while this isn’t an article, it does touch on some of my resolutions. What resolutions do you  have?


3 Responses to “Resolutions”

  1. 1 Pete Tzinski

    My resolutions are more or less the same: Do what you feel you need to. It all works out in the end, and if it doesn’t…you’ve only got the one life, like you said. May as well do what you want with it.

    I want to get more writing done. And go for a walk. And have some tea.

    I have boring resolutions.

    (every year up until recently, my joke was always “My New Year’s Resolution is 800 x 600!” and then I would laugh and laugh at the cleverness of me. But I don’t think 800×600 is commonly used enough anymore to make that relevant. And anyway, my wife’s heard it for six years now. It’s gone to rest.)

  2. 2 carrieinpa

    My resolutions are to keep on top of our budget, keep on top of the checkbook balancing, work on getting rid of our debt. I’ve also resolved to spend more time doing me stuff, stuff that had to be eliminated (to save my sanity) as I adjusted to working full time outside the house, getting back to my hobbies mostly. I love photography, but I’ve nary lifted a camera this past year. Things like that.

  3. We’ve got to get out of debt as well. We’d be in much better shape if someone, like say, a certain spouse of mine, had listened to me last year and used our tax return to knock out debt. Not that I still have issues with that or anything.

    At least I have him convinced for this year. I made a very convincing argument for increasing our cash flow monthly by making a lump debt payment versus just having a one time increase in cash flow some early month of the year.

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