Whiny Wednesday: Invisible


Do you ever just feel like you are invisible? Like you put yourself out there, and people just keep on going right around you, ignoring the fact that you might take up any space?

I’ve been feeling that way lately.

In fact, I’ve been feeling down right miserable. Everything feels off, and it seems the rest of world doesn’t notice I’m here. Which is fine because I’m a whatever kind of girl, but it does feel lonely. I’ve been feeling rather alone lately. When I speak, the world fails to hear me, which I’m sure will spawn a slew of comments from you lot.

 But it’s my rant for the week, so there it is.


2 Responses to “Whiny Wednesday: Invisible”

  1. I feel this way sometimes. Especially when I’ve been focusing too much on myself.

  2. 2 carrieinpa

    I get that way a lot, too. The majority of it happens in the winter months with too little light and activity outside and too much time spent cooped up. It’ll pass, but it sucks while you’re in the midst of it. Been there lots, I understand!! {{HUGS}}

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