Welcome to Life, Writing & Other Things: WordPress Edition


Hello everyone, and Happy New Year!

 I’m moving over to WordPress for a bit while I try out some features to see what I like.

 Not long ago I mentioned that I would be doing something new for the new year, which included doing specific posts each day based on a schedule, and an editorial calendar of sorts for each month. January’s topic is going to be the ever popular resolutions. Tuesday is observed for random thoughts, so anything can go here.

In an update to my mentions of Christmas goodies, I now have a grand total of $90 to spend at Barnes & Noble. Besides being ecstatic, I super duper happy. Now, I am planning a big relaxing day to go browse and enjoy the bookstore.

In a note of utter boring-ness, my daughter and I have spent New Year’s Eve in the comfort of home. I have to work a bit on New Year’s Day, and the little one has tonsilitis. About this time last year she had it as well. My husband and I both had tonsils removed, so I’m figuring that she’ll have to have the same at some point in time. It’s not so bad really, except for the part where the toddler will not go to bed. I need some quiet time, so bad.

That’ll be all for this Tuesday’s Random Thoughts.


10 Responses to “Welcome to Life, Writing & Other Things: WordPress Edition”

  1. 1 Soccer Mom

    Yay! First comment on the shiny new blog! Happy New Year, Tori!

  2. Hey there, welcome to WordPress 😀 I think you’ll like it here. I was unsure myself, moving over from Blogger, but I quickly found the features and fun things at wordpress far out match those over at Blogger.

    I’ll change my link to your page, if you think you’re going to stay here now 😀

  3. 3 tjwriter

    I think for right now, I will be. Me trying something out usually consists of trying it out for a few months at the least, so it should be safe to change links.

  4. 4 Pete Tzinski

    Bwahaha! I have lured another person away from blogger with my siren song! Ha ha! 😉

  5. 5 Soccer Mom

    I’ve updated my link as well. :sniffs: You’re all leaving me.

  6. 6 Shadow Ferret

    I have no reason to leave blogger. Seems fine for my purposes. But now I have to update your link. Drat.

  7. 7 Pete Tzinski

    Ed uses blogger, and wears bell-bottoms, and has a sweet set of mutton-chops and still thinks vinyl works better as clothing than records. 😀

  8. 8 tjwriter

    The main feature I like here is time stamp for future posts. I’d like to write many of them ahead of time, yet have them appear when I want with no further effort on my part.

    I may still return to Blogger. It depends. But so far there are some features here at WordPress that I really like.

  9. 9 Shadow T. Ferret

    Hmm. I don’t write ahead of time, I write as I write and post it. *shrugs*

    And I wear “flares,” not bell-bottoms! Although my wife made me shave the mutton chops and vinyl clothing is too hot.

    The only feature here I think is groovy is the recent comments listing.

  10. I like the new look, Tori.

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