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This month has been nothing but a disaster for me. Too the point where I really hope the rest of the year goes better than this month has. Work has been a mess. There’s been so much happening, and there’s so much to do. Half of our department is out with maternity leave and illness. […]

Okay, so someone had to know about this, so I’m nominating all of the blogosphere to have a laugh with me.  My daughter went to climb up in my lap earlier, and as I help her up, I notice this very hard something in her diaper. I’m thinking, Good Lord, what does she have in […]



I’m skipping this week’s article, which was going to be about resolutions because I’m just too exhausted. This week at work was insane, and I’m too beat. I am happy to report that my husband went and got my treadmill so that I can walk at home, which should help my fitness goals for the […]

Do you ever just feel like you are invisible? Like you put yourself out there, and people just keep on going right around you, ignoring the fact that you might take up any space? I’ve been feeling that way lately. In fact, I’ve been feeling down right miserable. Everything feels off, and it seems the […]

Hello everyone, and Happy New Year!  I’m moving over to WordPress for a bit while I try out some features to see what I like.  Not long ago I mentioned that I would be doing something new for the new year, which included doing specific posts each day based on a schedule, and an editorial […]